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Modding My xbox mod !

Discussion in 'Modding' started by Linkitch, 7 Oct 2003.

  1. diskreet

    diskreet What's a Dremel?

    1 Oct 2003
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    I think ill get most original paint award :rock: ...

    Thats Right, NAIL POLISH!

    More purlpe-ish one by Sally Hansen called Nail Prisms. This bottle was the color 'Garnet Lapis'
    The green/blue one is by Rimmel, 60 Seconds line. Color of this bottle is '877 Mania'.

    I didnt even use 1/2 of the prisms bottle, thats with 4 coats.
    I went through 3 Rimmel($2 each @ walmart) bottles on the X though, but with 3 coats, and some splattering(on purpose of course) in random places.

    After that, a Clear coat was applied, maybe 2-3 coats i think?

    The silver is Krylon or something like that from Walmart and has a rough texture.
  2. apoogod

    apoogod trix arent just for kids

    19 Jun 2002
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    Linkitch just email mail@xport1.com for shipping cost...sorry my partner handles all of that.
  3. Creative¢ÀDwarf

    Creative¢ÀDwarf What's a Dremel?

    20 Oct 2003
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    Wow! I love the colors you choose and it turned out great. The controller looks like the N64 controller with the color you used...

    Was it though to paint it? How many time did it took you to paint both?

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