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Networks NAS - Setting up DDNS and NordVPN

Discussion in 'Tech Support' started by Caracortada_uk, 2 Jan 2018.

  1. Caracortada_uk

    Caracortada_uk Member

    29 Dec 2004
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    Hi all,

    i have finally gotten around to the long overdue project of setting up a NAS to be my private cloud and Plex server. But i am getting myself somewhat confused over setting up remote access.

    I understand how DDNS would work and how to set one up on the NAS. However I am also hoping to run NordVPN on the NAS, would this conflict with the DDNS? Would it make sense to run NordVPN on the NAS and set up the DDNS on my router?

    Lastly I am interested in getting my own domain to get both DDNS and also an SSL Cert using letsencrypt.org. Would anybody be able to recommend a good provider which wont charge a fortune as I am finding prices vary wildly.

  2. Ramble

    Ramble Ginger Nut

    5 Dec 2005
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    Some VPN providers can do this for you, check NordVPN config pages for these kinds of settings (you will need port forwarding from VPN to machine too).

    If not then yes it is possible to do (I do this) but much more complicated.

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