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A/V New AWESOME 5.1 CH speakers?

Discussion in 'Hardware' started by Siwini, 3 Jan 2012.

  1. Siwini

    Siwini What is 4+no.5?

    14 Sep 2010
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    I was looking at replacing my 2.1 speakers with something like 5.1CH+ to get nice surround sound, DTS, Dolby Digital all that good stuff you know. I heard Logitech Z5500 was good, I remember seeing lots of positive reviews on that unit. I just looked up the prices on amazon and its $1000! Wait what? Did I miss something? I remember looking back few years ago they were like $350 on egg. I would gladly pay 1k but not for a rip-off like that. Anyway what would be a good or even better substitute for Z5500? Something like old Z5500 Hardware Dolby Digital Decoder; DTS Decoder is a must.
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