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Case Mod - In Progress New Build (September)

Discussion in 'Project Logs' started by Kraemer, 8 Sep 2012.

  1. Kraemer

    Kraemer What's a Dremel?

    15 Jun 2012
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    Took awhile but I finally have parts that have arrived and a few more on the way.

    Parts List:

    Silver Stone TJ07
    Asus Maximus V Formula
    Intel i7 3770k Ivy Bridge
    G Skill 16gb 2133 Ram
    2 GTX 680 Super Clocked Signature 2's
    Corsair 1200 watt PSU.... over kill but I was gonna get 3 GPU's and settled for 2
    Plextor M3 256gb SSD
    Western Digital 7200rpm 2TB HDD

    Water Cooling Parts List:
    Mayhems Aurora Tharsis Red
    7ft of 1/2" ID Tygon
    2ft of 3/8" ID Tygon (I wanted to make sure I had extra)
    A bunch of fittings and clamps from EK
    EK 360 Radiator
    EK 250 Reservoir
    EK DCP 4.0 12v Pump
    EK Supremacy Nickle CPU Water Block

    I ordered a EK GTX 680 water block and that's taking forever (also might not fit the Sig 2?) to get here so I ordered 2 EVGA water blocks and should have those Monday.


    I haven't done to much yet but I am slowly working on her and she should be completed Wednesday. If everything works out.

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