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Cooling new cooling

Discussion in 'Hardware' started by J453, 22 Feb 2004.

  1. J453

    J453 What's a Dremel?

    31 Jan 2004
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    hey, im currently running a Volcano 9 HS/F (i know, its balls but meh)

    my temps are 41C idle and 49C on load (shockingly bad) and want to overclock further but temps get much MUCH higher (56+), problem is i have to have my Fan at full rpm and it is stupidly loud. so i want performance cooling at low noise. i was looking at this custom system from Coolercases.

    DangerDen Maze4 AMD CPU Block
    Black Ice Extreme Black Radiator
    Typhoon Bay-Resevoir
    Eheim 1048 Pump
    and a YS-Tech 120mm fan

    i was wondering if this stuff is good quality and will keep my system cooler at low noise?

  2. Darv

    Darv Bling!!

    12 Aug 2002
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    That would be a fine system and they are all high quality parts. You could change a few parts to give yourself higher performance but it really depends how seriously you want to cool/overclock, also it would have to be louder.

    If you want a good mix between sound, performance and price then you've got yourself a good system. :thumb:
  3. slater

    slater Mummy Says Im Special

    18 Apr 2003
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    Ok it looks ok but not the best you could get.

    For the cpu block i would go for a Dangerden RBX or D-tek ww. These will be better than the maze4 and IMO are worth the extra.

    The BIX rad is ok but you may want to consider a Thermochill 120x2 or eaven better a heatercore.

    The BayRez have a bad reputation and are pretty much a waste of money. you would be better off usig a simple t-line setup.

    The 1048 pump is ok but a bit low on power. I would consider a 1250 or hydorL30 or If you can find one a MCP600

    Again the fan is ok but if you are refuring to the 120x38mm one it is quite loud eaven at 7volts.

    What you have is a ok setup but if you have a bit more to spend it will make a differance. Dont bother with the res and get a better pump and cpu block.

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