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News New Elder Scrolls by 2010?

Discussion in 'Article Discussion' started by CardJoe, 30 Oct 2008.

  1. Kúsař

    Kúsař regular bit-tech reader

    23 Apr 2008
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    Great news...I can't wait for another TES...guess I'll buy Fallout 3 to keep myself occupied for a while :D
    ...and praised be Bethesda for keeping their games DRM free!

    I finished Oblivion three times and I'm replaying it again - judging by your post - you never even played Oblivion. And if you did - prejudice against non-PC-exclusives is your biggest problem. You complain about anything in Oblivion but - you didn't mention any problems with stability, did you? And there were only few rather minor, now fixed, problems - which means Bethesda properly tested the game for every platform and PC set possible before they released it.
    Unlike certain PC-exclusives...*cough* Stalker: Clear Sky *cough* :)
  2. dragontail

    dragontail 5bet Bluffer

    9 Jun 2005
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    I think you're being too harsh. Oblivion is probably one of the finest RPGs I've played. Flawed, but still fantastic. Yes, some of the skills are useless, the minigames weren't great, and so on, but you haven't mentioned the reasons why critics rated it as one of the finest games in recent years.

    The fact that you played the game how you wanted to - Oblivion is one of the few games that isn't actually linear, but not overly open ended so that you felt lost. What about the great sidequests? Okay, some of it was still go to A, kill, loot, and return (imho, this says more about how many quests were in the game), but many of the missions were interesting and with a twist - I enoyed the Dark Brotherhood missions for example. You claim the AI is terrible, and that there were no consequences for your actions. I do not understand how you came up with that one, because Oblivion has very good NPC AI in comparison to many other RPGs. I'm sure you know what I mean by Diablo/BG style NPC AI, which basically resulted in all the NPCs in the game not moving at all for the whole game, not going to bed, etc. At least in Oblivion the NPCs have a believable cycle! Sure, the AI wasn't close to being perfect, but I still maintain it's step forward and ahead of most other RPGs. The loot/critter levelling split the community, and there's no right or wrong about it. Personally, I agree with you on that one (leveling sucked). This leads me to my last point: The game was really moddable on the PC. Within months of release, several mods were created to get rid of the said levelling problem. Oh sure, you'll probably reply back saying how "if it's a good game it should have had it to begin with", but I still maintain that these things are to personal preference - Beths can't please everyone. I know a fellow player who thought the levelling was great. The easiest way to solve these problems is by making the game moddable.

    Anyway, I could go on, but you get my point. Basically, the critics liked the game, and many consumers liked the game as well, so I can't see many people sharing your opinion. You're perfectly entitled to your opinion of course, but when it comes down to it, yes, Oblivion was flawed, but godamn, the things it did right, it did right.
  3. PhenomRed

    PhenomRed New Member

    3 Dec 2007
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    its interesting how quickly people criticize the game, but they don't sit down and make a game themselves...

    This is awesome, i love the Elder Scrolls series, like others I didn't like Oblivion's leveling system, but who cares when you can download a mod that lets you own a castle?? That mod was sweet, i should find it again
  4. CardJoe

    CardJoe Freelance Journalist

    3 Apr 2007
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    I agree with you to a point and Oblivion is definitely a decent game, but it isn't exactly open-ended. You can go anywhere, sure, but 99 percent of the quests only have one path through them so it isn't exactly 'How you want to play'. If you try and deviate away from the quest path then you usually just get stuck with that quest flagged as unfinished. Plus, the dungeons are all the same. And too many of the NPCs are invincible for the purposes of a quest.

    Oblivion is great if all you want to play is a typical paladin of justice who is universally good at anything and who can achieve anything, but flawed if you want anything else. In my first play through I was a head thief, mage, assassin and warrior through all the guilds, saviour of the empire through the main quest, chosen of the gods through the daedra shrines and so on all before I reached level 35. Good game, but that's not what an RPG is really about.

    Also, I can't believe that nobody during the testing phase of the game said "Hey, wait! Even with a low athletics skill and archery skill I can still defeat everything in the game by just running backwards in circles and shooting arrows at things!"

    As for making a game - well, that's a ludicrous point. I'm not a michellin star chef, but I can still tell if I want more salt on my food.
  5. thEcat

    thEcat New Member

    1 Dec 2006
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    Rightly or wrongly I've always said the game was designed for critics. Maximum bang straight out of the box, leveling not required, most impressive scenery right outside the opening cave, immediate fast travel available to all major points of interest. A reviewers dream.

    After twenty hours I felt something was wrong. After thirty hours I had to check the forum as I was convinced beth./reviewers had been taking the piss.

    Oblivion is a first person slasher, plain and simple. They proudly boasted about their combat implementation and designed the entire game to maximise the players experience of said combat casting role playing to the wolves.

    There was exactly one way to play Oblivion, I counted it twice. Fight. And not just any old fight, every fight had to be Epic. Epically boring imo. The world leveling around you turned the game into nothing more than the corridor shooter with invisible walls.

    Of course you cannot let the poor player feel lost, you'll alienate the poor thing. Like wise never let a harsh word escape from a NPC's lips, that's why they're all on happy pills.

    I can go on...
  6. Journeyer

    Journeyer Well-Known Member

    31 Aug 2006
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    Oooh, this is fantastic news.
    I new there was another Elder Scrolls game in the pipeline, but not when. So this is excellent. I think I'll have to install Oblivion this weekend and have at one of my unfinished saves.

    I agree on the points about levelling though; I did not like the original system in Oblivion, but of course a small mod takes care of that. I also use a couple of mods to add more life to the world (pets, animals, flora... stuff like that), oh and of course the underground arts galleri for the house in A... hm ...A ... Oh darnit! I've not played for ages and thus I have forgotten the name of that town.

    Really looking forward to the new one.
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