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News New iBook and Mac mini

Discussion in 'Article Discussion' started by WilHarris, 27 Jul 2005.

  1. TheAnimus

    TheAnimus Banned

    25 Dec 2003
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    Erm, there are 2 main forces, people who just like the OS they've used and are narrow minded. They will like what ever there told too true.

    There are the people who are horrifically technical. (hello) Spend ages debating kernel paradigms, and the best way of providing a scaleable binary API.

    Now Mac OSX does nothing remotely exciting, its just BSD with a better GUI.
    Now your yawn is very poorly placed, because windows was doing this (2000) before mac OS was. Issues are to do with hardware acceleration, this is something that Mac OS can't beat longhorn with due to issues with the way API's are implemented over sockets, and the lack of a fast pratical thunking layer.

    Thing is to me, i can't see why i'd pay for MAC OSX, when there are (safer) BSD distros which are free, and don't mean horrific hardware.
    Thats what really gets me about MAC because they have a locked down hardware platform, thats evil, once someone locks hardware, software is only a step away, if MAC were in MS's posistion, it makes me think to realease software on their system i'd have to pay money.
  2. Green Soda

    Green Soda What's a Dremel?

    26 Dec 2002
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    I totally agree. Mac seems "quirky" compared to windows, but then again windows would seem quirky to a life-time mac user.

    But in general, i find that when im on the mac i can do things better then when i can on windows. Stupid things like switching between programs just seems faster (and when your running Potatochop, Illustrator, and InDesign, all at the same time, with REAL high res files, being able to switch between the 3 quickly is a major plus).

    Talk about being narrow minded, look at yourself!
  3. The_Pope

    The_Pope Geoff Richards Super Moderator

    3 Jul 2003
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    Chill guys - let's keep this focussed on the software, not on the posters.

    I'll admit I'm not an OS geek, so maybe TheAnimus can list all the reasons why Vista is going to be worth bothering with.
  4. webbyman

    webbyman Hax.

    7 Oct 2004
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    all i can say is by the time i will be able to buy one 1Gb will be fitted as standard. :hehe:
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