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Portable New Laptop - Any suggestions? Cheers!

Discussion in 'Hardware' started by pete*, 3 Aug 2009.

  1. pete*

    pete* Something witty here.

    29 Apr 2009
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    Hey guys,
    I start Uni in September and want to get a laptop to use there, as I can't be bothered lugging
    my massive 1200 Case back and forth!

    Basically, i've looked around and a laptop I REALLY love is the MSI GT275 - if it was about £350
    cheaper, i'd buy it. I have a budget of £750. I know laptops are not really very suited for games
    etc, but I just want a feel for what is out there... Below is what I want it to be able to do...

    I want it to be able to play DVD movies - not bothered about blu-ray, but it is a bonus.
    I am not TOO bothered about resolution, but I think 1,680x1,050 is about minimum I would
    It should be able to play games prett well - CS 1.6 should run 100% (Yea, it's old,
    but it doesn't seem to like laptops lol) - Games like COD4, L4D, other Source games,
    S.T.A.L.K.E.R. I want to be able to run well too, obviously not perfect, but playable.
    Almost all laptops have wireless ability now, so that goes without saying, but it must have
    wire connection also. I don't have wireless at home.
    Preferably min of 3GB ram and the GFX card MUST be non-sharing memory type (thats kinda
    a given considering I want it to run games)...
    A large HDD is pretty important too..
    17" min screen pref.
    Colour wise, i'm not bothered. Totally black etc - don't care. Just not pink, lol
    I prefer matt colours, I find gloss annoying, scratches - i'm not keen on silver/ bright grey

    That is a long blob of text, I hope someone knows about laptops here and could point me in the right direction for something decent. Shame the GT725 is so much, I absolutely love it
    (i've used it, so if someone hates it, ok :p but it won't change my mind lol) and want one,
    so either a decent alternative for around the £650-750 mark or the GT725 for much cheaper
    than I am currently finding it (Cheapest £1100)... would be a big help

    Anyway, thanks for any help in advance guys!


  2. Moyo2k

    Moyo2k AMD Fanboy

    11 May 2009
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    There's this:

    Make it however you want, for £750, you could have a P8700, 320GB 7200rpm HDD, intergrated Bluetooth and WLAN etc...

    Here are the barebones they use: http://mivasecure.abac.com/rjtech/m...ode=R&Product_Code=KHLB2&Category_Code=Compal

    If you wanna get your hands dirty you could DIY the same machine but when you factor in the cost of shipping the Barebones to the UK then it costs roughly the same so...

    EDIT: Btw... the Mobility Radeon HD4650 is a total game masher, it will eat CoD4 for breakfast:
    http://www.notebookcheck.net/AMD-ATI-Mobility-Radeon-HD-4650.13883.0.html - the monster will play Crysis at high (at low resolutions ofc, but then it's a notebook so your stuck with low res no matter what)
    Last edited: 3 Aug 2009

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