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Displays New monitor is turning black and white

Discussion in 'Hardware' started by SonnyJim, 29 May 2015.

  1. SonnyJim

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    19 Jan 2011
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    Hi everyone

    I recently ordered a new monitor that arrived today. I upgraded from an 22" 1080p monitor to the Acer K272HUL, a 27" AH-VA 1440p monitor, so you could understand my excitement when it arrived. I even installed a colour profile for it from http://www.digitalversus.com/lcd-monitor/colour-calibration-profiles-your-monitor-a424/acer-ap415.html.

    Sadly that excitement took a knock when I discovered this strange issue where when I watch a video, the screen, starting from the edges, turns black and white. If I click on another window, or the taskbar, the colour returns. I even uninstalled the colour profile and installed the latest video drivers, but no luck. Happens on both VLC Player and Media Player Classic. Also happens on Youtube videos. Strange. Any help?

    EDIT: I think I found what was wrong. There was an option on the OSD called 'Detect Video'. After some thorough googling, I found out this turns the everything on the display, minus the video, grayscale. Very Game of Thrones-esque! Turned the option off. Hope it's sorted now.
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