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Case Mod - In Progress New OC Mod - BR

Discussion in 'Project Logs' started by oc_mode_BR, 11 Aug 2011.

  1. oc_mode_BR

    oc_mode_BR What's a Dremel?

    7 Mar 2011
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    hi guys okay?

    My name is Igor I live in Brazil and I'm already beginning in the case mod forums by some Brazilians, this is my second case mod, the first did not really work, but never gave up, even my mother did not like the idea always go forward.

    I have a CM as a scout and Brazilians come from forums, this case is already in the end, all steps will post more of it here

    casemod did this thinking more in shooting games is, as its name says the case q had to have something related to this

    My hardware:

    Western Digital Caviar Green 1TB / Checks
    Intel i7 950 / Checks
    Asus Extreme III Rampege / Checks
    2 3x2 gb Patriot Viper 1600MHz / Checks
    Source 950w real Sapphire / Checks
    MSI GTX 570 OC / Confers with problem I will have to change


    Front grills on Red / Checks
    Source Red Cover / Checks
    Sleeve LED / Checks
    Sleeve cables / Buy / Do
    Fan / ventilation / Checks

    sorry if something is wrong, because I'm using the google translator because I'm not very good in English, just know the basics


    there are still some things to do but first I'll post the whole story of him and how this transformation has

    : Thumb:

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