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Windows New PC old hard drive with windows

Discussion in 'Tech Support' started by bagman, 1 Jun 2020.

  1. bagman

    bagman Well-Known Member

    18 Apr 2009
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    Hello Everyone,

    Been a while, hope you are all well.

    I have a question, so I have a old PC that has died with windows 8.1 installed on the drive.

    Can I just plug that into a new pc and carry on working?

    I know windows 10 has feature to allow for this, and even reinstall windows. But is it possible with 8.1?

    Thanks Bagman
  2. dynamis_dk

    dynamis_dk Grr... Grumpy!!

    23 Nov 2005
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    It should kinda work. Support for finding drivers isn't amazing for pre windows 10 but I've taken drives from Windows 7 many times in the past and just let the OS update drivers then fill in the missing ones without too much issues. The OS might detect and work but you might need to reactivate the windows license, gladly my workplace never got more than a handful of 8/8.1 devices out of about 3000 so i haven't had much experience in 8/8.1 to draw directly from but I've had Win 7 complain after a drive transplant to another device and needed to activate the license via the phone number again. Nothing too stressful.

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