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Windows New to video editing, need help x265 HEVC CPU limitations

Discussion in 'Tech Support' started by Otis1337, 3 Jul 2020.

  1. Otis1337

    Otis1337 aka - Ripp3r

    28 Nov 2007
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    So i've got a Gopro Hero 7 Black and want to dip my toe into getting into basic video editing.

    I've been trying to use VSDC, which works fine for x264 / 1080p @60fps.
    But when i record anything in 4K @60fps (HEVC x265) the preview or "scrubbing" becomes extremely laggy including the audio and makes it difficult to work with.

    Now am i expecting to much for my Ryzen CPU to be able to handle 4k @60fps editing?
    If i pay £20 for the paid version, it enables hardware acceleration. Am i right in thinking this will be off loaded to my nvidia card instead of the CPU? if so would my GPU be able to handle what im asking?

    My specs are shown in my sig.


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