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Cooling new watercooling

Discussion in 'Hardware' started by f U z ! o N, 5 Oct 2004.

  1. f U z ! o N

    f U z ! o N What's a Dremel?

    1 Feb 2004
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    time for a new watercooling system for my lian li case. i want performance but i also want silence. im leaning towards 1/2" id tubing or an innovatek system. now now, i realize innovatek is not the greatest for overclocking. here goes:
    polarflo tt cpu block
    danger den maze 4 gpu
    dual heatercore from dangerden
    dd 12v pump
    a resevoir

    an innovatek system. the reason i like innovatek is theres not that much tubing in the way, there blocks are nice, and they have some very nice passive radiators not to mention some badass resevoirs.

    which should i choose?
    i mean the custom kit would prolly perform the best but im wondering how good an innovatek kit would perform?
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  2. TZBull

    TZBull What's a Dremel?

    21 Sep 2004
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    you woman...

    innovatek will make it easier along the way with it's uniformity and clenliness. But there are cheaper, yet messyer(definitely not worse looking though: ) solutions. I'd go with innovatek because of its look. Here's a messy, yet extremely refined mod Project industrial(mabye hes not showing all the piping right now though) :rock:
  3. Firehed

    Firehed Why not? I own a domain to match.

    15 Feb 2004
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    Only two things really
    If you buy two polarflo blocks directly, they have nice combo deals (a CPU/GPU/NB is almost $40 off I think), so you may wanna consider a Polarflo GPU over the Dangerden
    The DD double heatercore will be most unpleasant to fit in most lian li cases. Unless you want to mount it on the side panel. If you have a V-series it could go up on top fairly comfortably but you'll probably lose a couple PCI slots.

    Personally I'd say go 3/8ID / 1/2OD - it's not much different performance-wise than 1/2 and is MUCH smaller and IMO better/cleaner looking.

    The inno. setups look quite nice and perform surprisngly well, but are also generally very expensive in comparison to an american-based setup. Of course don't plan to overclock with a passive rad. A double heatercore probably wouldn't need much airflow to let you overclock (I know of someone who had one cooling a 226w pelt and maybe another 150-someodd passively for 12+ hours and they were still frosty) but there's the space and looks aspect.
  4. fivecheebs

    fivecheebs Dont panic!

    19 Feb 2003
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    There are other small(er) bore choices. Dont forget aquacomputer or alphacool amongst others.

    here is a pic of my alphacool extreme pro kit installed in an antec 1080 clickable

    FYI it has a BIXii and 8/10 mm tubing.

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