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News Nintendo has no plans to update Wii anytime soon

Discussion in 'Article Discussion' started by CardJoe, 15 Jan 2010.

  1. Manu_Otaku

    Manu_Otaku ManuOtaku

    7 Jan 2010
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    I think the wii doesnt need HD this gen, mainly because two facts, number one HD tech has not been fully adopted by the consumers, till this year it didnt permeate the market at a 50% rate, thats way too low, i think nintendo got it right when they maded the wii, HD was not even fully developed and not adopted by the consumers even now almost 4 years later and it is lacking to said the least, maybe by the end of this year or next year the adoption rate will increase to the levels that amerit an HD console, right now nintendo doesnt need it.

    Secondly nintendo dominated again this year selling figures right to left, it did incredible well against the price cur, new model and a lot of great exclusives for the other 2, and keep in mind this year nintendo didnt have much firts party games, but games like mario kart wii did sell well even if it is an old title it has great legs, because new adopter buy this game, this year nintendo will have a hughe first party and third party exclusives that will avoid the need of a new console.
    BTW great work ninty keep up, and sony and microsoft please try hard in order to balance out this, maybe a 33,33 % share for this one
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