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Other Non-fiction books on Video Games....

Discussion in 'Gaming' started by sotu1, 11 May 2010.

  1. sotu1

    sotu1 Ex-Modder

    24 Aug 2007
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    Hey guys, just wondering if anyone here has any book suggestions on video games? I'm looking more so for non-fiction. So I'm thinking more books like Masters of Doom (the history of id software and the relationship between Romero and Carmack). Or something intellectual yet video games related.

    Any suggestions?
  2. Red Eye

    Red Eye Member

    16 Apr 2008
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    I have not read these books yet, but they are certainly on my to read list.

    Race for a New Game Machine, The: Creating the Chips Inside the Xbox 360 and Playstation 3 by Mickie Phipps David Shippy - Talks about the silent player in the latest console generation, IBM, and how they managed to shaft Sony/Toshiba by using the Cell technology to design the Xenon processor for Microsofts X360.

    Everything bad is good for you: How popular culture is making us smarter by Steven Johnson - Johnson discusses a theory he has devised called "The Sleeper Curve": basically all those media that have been thought to be mindless and a waste of time are actually challenging our minds in novel ways.

    The Ultimate History of Video Games

    Power-Up: How Japanese Video Games Gave the World an Extra Life

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