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Windows Norton Antivirus...no auto protect

Discussion in 'Software' started by psYCHopath, 26 Jun 2003.

  1. psYCHopath

    psYCHopath What's a Dremel?

    25 Dec 2001
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    I have some problems with my antivirus

    Details of pc.
    AMD XP 1600+
    Abit KX7-333
    256 MB Apacer PC2700 333+ 256 MB KingMax PC2700 333
    IBM Deskstar 40GB 7200 rpm.
    Ati Radeon 7000 (DVI)
    D-Link DFE 538-TX
    Pixel View TV Card.
    Yamaha 16/10/40

    Running on Windows 2000 SP3

    Well all my application was working….Norton Antivirus 2002 did it’s job.
    But one day I notice that the “Auto Protect” icon at the tray was gone.(its enable)
    Tried open it by the Start menu programs…but not loaded.

    Uninstalled it. Deleted
    C:\Program Files\Symantec
    C:\Program Files\Norton
    C:\Program Files\Common Files\Symantec Shared
    C:\Documents and Settings\Administrator\Application Data\Symantec

    Then I tried installing Norton Antivirus 2003 Pro. Got it from my 2nd pc mobo cd.
    Installed, Restart,
    When I’m in windows the icon was there but as soon my mouse cursur to it….,its gone…

    Checked with the "Services and Application" in the Computer Management
    the "Norton AntiVirus Auto Protect Service" is not "Started" tried to start it but after about 10 seconds it "stops" by itself.

    Oh yeah btw i used the Norton Removal tool from Symantec website. stil... duh not working sigh…***

    I plug my hdd in to a working pc with updated virus defination.
    Did a full scan and no virus was detected.
    I even used IE to go to Symantec’s website to do an online scan, no virus or Trojan was found.
    Run the Klez,Bugbear removal tool….no virus found.
    Followed the help files at Syamantec still not working.

    Have anyone ever did encounter such problem?
    How did you solve it besides the best way that is “format and install again”
    Please help me…..

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