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Discussion in 'General' started by Nexxo, 11 Oct 2012.

  1. Nexxo

    Nexxo * Prefab Sprout – The King of Rock 'n' Roll

    23 Oct 2001
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    Post your local or national news, events, charity efforts, meets… here!

    (with thanks to Teelzebub and Carrie for drawing these up)


    1. No commercial advertising. This thread is not for business promotion or financial gain. If it looks like a business and sounds like a business, even if you call it a charity, it will be deleted.

    2. No selling, on behalf of yourself or others – see Rule 1


    3. Use an informative title – if it’s a local item, include the location. If it’s a charity event, say so. It will help people quickly locate posts that may be of interest to them.

    4. Be clear about why you’re posting – is it just for information or do you want people to take part. If applicable, provide links to sources and whether you can be contacted for more information. After all, you’re sharing something with the forum!


    5. No response/random posting – if you disagree with or you’re not interested in a post just walk on by and leave it to those who might be. This is not a debating forum, it’s a notice board.

    6. No rubbish posting - consider whether the notice is of interest or relevance to the membership.


    Title: National animal charity - local branches need help!

    Hi everyone

    I’m a volunteer for Cat’s Protection, the national charity with branches throughout the country, and they desperately need people’s short term help.

    They’re full to the brim with cats and kittens that will hopefully be adopted, and more coming in every week, so they need short term foster homes until they find new ones. Would you be prepared to help? Or help in other ways such as fundraising?

    More information about the charity can be found here: http://www.cats.org.uk/what-we-do
    And about volunteering for them: http://www.cats.org.uk/get-involved/volunteering-home

    If you have pets at home already you’d still be able to help if you have a spare room where the foster cats or kittens could hole up.

    Remember they’re not for life, hopefully just for Christmas, unless you want to keep them

    PM me if you want more info.
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  2. Carrie

    Carrie Well-Known Member

    18 Nov 2010
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    National animal charity - local branches need help!

    Well I guess I better take ownership of that example :)

    I know some of you out there love your furry friends (don't be rude - I speak of ***** cats :p) and that's the beauty of fostering. You don't have to keep them permanently just give them shelter and food (yes the charity gives an allowance for that).

    And what do they give you in return? If you're lucky, love and affection and lots of fun. If you're not so fortunate with your "tenants", maybe claws in your head at first :D

    Of course there is the option of fund raising - collecting money for them, organising fund raising events or even appearing in, say, a topless calendar :)blush:)

    So, as it says in the example, more information about the charity can be found here: http://www.cats.org.uk/what-we-do
    and about volunteering for them: http://www.cats.org.uk/get-involved/volunteering-home

    If there are no homes available to foster the animals then they can't take them in and save them from a life of scavenging or worse :waah:

    PM me if you want more info.
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  3. G0UDG

    G0UDG helping others costs nothing

    27 Mar 2010
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    Atos Kills-protest against Atos! Stoke On Trent 31st october 2012

    Atos assessment centre, Ridgehouse Drive, Festival Park, Hanley Stoke on Trent, ST1 5SJ

    More info on this here Facebook page. --Nexxo

    32 people die every week after being declared “fit to work” at Atos assessment centres across the country.

    Given the contract by the government to assess people for Employment and Support Allowance (ESA), Atos are routinely forcing disabled people off of benefits they need.

    Late-stage cancer patients, those with limited mobility or debilitating mental health problems – to mention just a few – are being regularly kicked off of ESA.

    Disabled people have described being pushed to tears of pain and humiliation by Atos’s Work Capability Assessments, which the British Medical Association has called for to be scrapped.

    Yet these assessments continue, at a huge cost to the welfare, dignity and lives of thousands of disabled people.

    Hundreds of disability activists recently protested outside the Atos head office and Department for Work and Pensions in London. Groups around the country have held demos outside their local Atos assessment centres.

    The Disabled Students’ Forum from the Staffs Uni Students’ Union will be protesting outside the Atos assessment centre in Festival Park, Stoke-on-Trent, on Wednesday 31st October, from 2pm.

    This is a public demonstration. Anyone angered by Atos and the government’s treatment of disabled people are welcome, regardless of whether they are affected or a student.

    Join us in protest against this inhumane treatment of those who need the most support this is for anyone on here who is within easy reach of this and can attend please show your support if you can
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  4. G0UDG

    G0UDG helping others costs nothing

    27 Mar 2010
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    Hi all for those who may be interested in helping one of my friends is helping to raise funds for cancer research uk as a dry athlete if you wish to donate and help raise funds here is the link to donate to

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  5. damien c

    damien c Mad FPS Gamer

    31 Aug 2010
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    Virgin Media 3 Peaks Challenge Fund Raiser For The Christie Charity

    Hi All,

    I work for Virgin Media within the Access Planning department, and we are all allowed 1 day a year to do something for a charity of our choice.

    This year the Access Planning Department based within Manchester, has decided to take up the 3 Peaks Challenge which you can find out more information here as to what, that is and just how challenging that is.

    The option we have chosen is the National 3 Peaks


    The members of the team who are actually going to be doing the walk will be aiming to complete it, within 24 hours however it may run over that given different level's of fitness and also traffic on the motorways.

    The members of the team who are not completing the walk will be doing other stuff to raise funds, for the chosen charity within the Virgin Media office based in Wythenshawe Manchester.

    The charity we have chosen is The Christie Charity, and you can find out more information about what they do at the this link.


    "The Christie has been pioneering cancer research breakthroughs for over 100 years and is the largest cancer centre in Europe. Treating more than 40,000 patients each year, we were the first UK centre to be officially accredited as a comprehensive cancer centre. Based in Manchester, with radiotherapy centres in Oldham and Salford, we are a national specialist treating 25% of patients from around the country.

    Through the impassioned dedication of our 2,500 staff, 350 volunteers and 20,000 members and supporters, we remain committed to helping all those affected by cancer, both now and in the future."

    I have spoken to Tom via Personal Messaging on the forum to gain his permission, to post this thread given that this is his site and also business and Tom has kindly given me permission to do this.

    The link below is a direct link to the micro site, on the Virgin Money Giving site which is a non profit company that is ran by the Virgin Money group.

    None of the funds will be received by myself or by any member of the team who is carrying, out the challenge and will directly go to the charity.


    If any members of the forum wish to donate, it would be greatly received by The Christie as every donation help's them to carry on providing the services that they provide, to all the people who suffer and there families.

    There will be photo's and possibly videos that I will post once I have them once the challenge has been completed.

    I fully understand if people are not willing to donate given recent events which I am sure people, would have heard about regarding a certain Twitch user but I just thought it was worth the try to help such a worthy cause.

    We received the T-Shirt's from The Christie so we took the photos that we needed, and we created a poster that we have stuck all over the offices within the Virgin Media building that we work in.

    1st is the poster.
    2nd is the people who will be doing the walking.
    3rd is the people who will be doing the driving.
    4th is all of us





    I would just like to also add the thank's to Bit-Tech for the permission given and to anyone who chooses to donate on behalf of the Virgin Media Manchester Access Planning Team.

    Thank you all for reading


    Damien C

    Bit Tech Forum Member & Virgin Media Employee
  6. IamJudd

    IamJudd Well-Known Member

    30 Oct 2011
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    I work for Barclays and, in a similar way to Virgin, I to get a number of days to help local charities. The one important thing I would like to advertise here is that if you can get you local branch of Barclays involved in any way (selling raffle tickets/ cakes on a stall, etc) then each individual member of staff can "match fund". As an example, if you have two members of Barclays staff, Barclays will match your funds up to 750£ per staff member. So you raise £2000, Barclays will give £1500.
    Please give your local branch at least six weeks notice so they can arrange schedules and matching paperwork.

  7. G0UDG

    G0UDG helping others costs nothing

    27 Mar 2010
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    Tonight George Osborne may announce plans which would lose the UK public £7 billion. He’s thinking of flogging off our publicly-owned bank, RBS, on the cheap. We paid to bail it out back in 2007. But instead of deciding how to make best use of this huge public asset, Osborne is hoping to claw back some cash by selling at bargain basement prices. [1]

    He’s set to announce his plans for selling off RBS in a speech tonight - but this morning the Commission on Banking (set up by Osborne himself) published a report saying that we shouldn’t rush into a sell-off. [2]

    Currently he may just be planning to push ahead and ignore their advice. But with people power we could force him to listen. He doesn’t want to appear to be ignoring the opinion of experts he appointed. If enough of us tell George Osborne and David Cameron now that they need to take the Commission’s advice then they’ll realise that forcing a sell-off will damage their reputation.

    We might only have today to do this. Could you sign an urgent petition now, asking George Osborne and David Cameron to listen to the Commission on Banking’s report and make sure all options are considered instead of rushing straight into the sale? We’ll send the petition to them before the big speech tonight.

    Just click here to sign:

    This is a great chance to shake up the banking sector. George Osborne and his allies are keen to sell-off RBS as soon as possible. But it’s big banks like RBS which got us into our current economic crisis. Selling them off and returning to business as usual could lose us money and miss a great opportunity to change the way our economy works for the better.

    The Banking Commission has told Osborne to look at all the different options, from public ownership right through to breaking it up into smaller local banks. If RBS is flogged off before the other options are properly investigated, George Osborne could waste a huge opportunity for the UK.

    Osborne would love to spin this announcement as good news. There’s even talk of bribing people with a one-off payment from the sale of the bank. [3] We can make sure he knows the plans will be controversial and he’ll face strong opposition.

    The announcement is likely to come tonight. Sign the petition now:

    Thanks for being involved,

    James, Robin, Maddy and the 38 Degrees team

    PS: It looks like George Osborne might announce a 'quick review' tonight which would just look at a narrow range of options for RBS's future, not the full range recommended by the Commission. [4] With enough pressure we can make sure he knows he needs to fully and independently consider all the options on the table
  8. Sneblot

    Sneblot Member

    9 Aug 2010
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    Nottingham Hospice Charity Skydive Fundraiser

    Hello Everyone,

    I will soon be doing a Charity Sky Dive for Nottingham Hospice, an amazing charity based in Nottingham, who do really great work helping lots of indaviduals and their families on a daily bases. Though I think its best they explain it:-

    As you can imagine the support they provide is invaluble to those that require it, however it all costs money. Now this is were my request comes in I am attempting to raise as much money as possible for Nottingham Hospice, by taking part in a charity sky dive, and was hoping that all those who read this post could find it in themselves to donate something, does not matter how much as every little bit helps towards providing funds for Nottingham Hospice to continue providing the great services to those who need it.

    To donate please follow this link:-

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  9. G0UDG

    G0UDG helping others costs nothing

    27 Mar 2010
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    Please If you will help with this petition myself and a friend created to help stop the right wing Racist Edl being allowed into Rotherham disrespecting victims of child abuse In Rotherham and costing the local economy many thousands of pounds in policing the rioting as a victim myself at a very young age I am appalled by the actions of these Juvenile delinquents


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