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Watercooling Now that's what I call Customer Service!

Discussion in 'Hardware' started by The_Crapman, 8 Jun 2012.

  1. Throbbi

    Throbbi What's a Dremel?

    10 Sep 2009
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    That's ended up being dealt with in an amazingly cool manner. :thumb:

    And those rads??

  2. The_Crapman

    The_Crapman Don't phone it's just for fun. Staff

    5 Dec 2011
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    I know! I let out a small squeal in the office when i saw them.

    I'm hoping to get my ST30's looking like that. Have wire wool and nitromors ready and waiting at home to get the paint off. Was going to start work Saturday, but my ongoing feud with gravity got in the way causing my wrist and the kitchen floor to have a fight. The floor won. Again.
  3. Parge

    Parge the worst Super Moderator

    16 Jul 2010
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    Good on you for coming to clarify the situation! In fairness though, they do look and sound used in the pics and from the description, which is all we have to go on.

    I meant no personal offence, and I concede my post was inflammatory, but its good to support each other when someone here feels an injustice has been done, which is why you probably felt a bit of an unfair backlash.

    Happy trading and good to see its resolved in the end. :thumb:

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