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News Nvidia announces five 40nm GeForce 200M GPUs

Discussion in 'Article Discussion' started by Tim S, 15 Jun 2009.

  1. leexgx

    leexgx CPC hang out zone (i Fix pcs i do )

    28 Jun 2006
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    512mb should be the min an video card comes with any way, keeps the textures on the video card (even if the card is not that adv)
  2. Chocobollz

    Chocobollz What's a Dremel?

    25 Dec 2008
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    Yeah, it makes me wonder too.. a 1,600 MHz of DDR3 @ 64-bit would make it on the same level as a 800 MHz of DDR2 @ 64-bit. Does the price difference of a 1,600 DDR3 over a DDR2 is really less than a 128-bit PCB over a 64-bit PCB? I think even if it's true, they would only make a very little savings here, maybe in amount of a couple dollars, 5 dollars anyone? :p Well at least they're trying :p

    Yep, I'm don't know what they're thinking too.. With DX11 just around the corner, I'm not sure this kind of updates would bring any difference. Not to mention that they had trying to kill support for the DX10.1. So, what's the point? Maybe they gone nuts? LOL :p
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