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News Nvidia can’t compete without CPU, says Intel boss

Discussion in 'Article Discussion' started by CardJoe, 26 Feb 2009.

  1. Burnout21

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    9 Sep 2005
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    problem wth nvidia, is that they price there hardware much like Intel.

    Nvidia motherboards, drove the prices up from the usual £100 for a high end board to the not so uncommon price of £200+

    So a joint program with VIA might result in a processor to compete with the likes of intel and AMD, but most likely priced out of the market.

    Nvidia should look into the moblie market, low power HD devices that are dirt cheap, as this is where the market is shifting to rapidly.

    MS keeping trying to destroy PC gaming, its becoming much easier to game on a console at a fraction of the cost of a PC. The next gen of consoles fingers crossed will be far more stable.

    I think home computing will change in a big way. Alot of us are already running are own servers! MS developement of home server OS and its media extenders.

    All low power devices, cheap and more specialised for each purpose. Like a HTPC, a nettop, games console, and a home server/NAS. few of us may have a workstation aswell.
  2. seveneleven

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    26 Dec 2007
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    NO, WE CAN NOT...(yet)
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