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Reviews Nvidia GeForce GTX 1070 Ti Founders Edition Review

Discussion in 'Article Discussion' started by bit-tech, 2 Nov 2017.

  1. bit-tech

    bit-tech Supreme Overlord Lover of bit-tech Administrator

    12 Mar 2001
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  2. Wakka

    Wakka Yo, eat this, ya?

    23 Feb 2017
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    Still think a £350 vanilla 1070 with an overclock is better value for money, even decent aftermarket cards crop on special at around £400, and will be within 5% for better temps and noise levels.

    Heck, even decent AIB 1080's can be had for comfortably under £500 nowadays, and that won't be much more than the premium over the £420 RRP you'll get charged for a AIB 1070 Ti...
  3. bawjaws

    bawjaws Multimodder

    5 Dec 2010
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    It's all going to come down to how much these cards (and indeed, other cards) will actually cost, or how the availability is. The conclusions in this or any other review will change dramatically if this card or it's competitors suffer from the sort of price gouging that we've seen over the last few months.

    At the end of the day, this card performs pretty much as expected for the RRP, so it's another option for buyers. Sure, you could pay a bit more and get more performance, or save some money and get a bit less performance, so in that sense this card isn't any sort of game-changer.

    I'd like to see how an AIB card with a custom cooler fares - the FE cooler is okay, but given that these cards will boost until they hit the thermal limit (and won't be overclocked out of the box), I wonder how a custom cooler edition will compare. And obviously price of these AIB cards will be an issue too :)
  4. Nikumba

    Nikumba Minimodder

    29 Aug 2001
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    While I know it is not possible to compare it to older cards, but on the first page nVidia say its a good upgrade for a 970 user, it would have been nice to have the 970 included in the testing to show the difference.
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