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News NVIDIA's G80 will be a little late...

Discussion in 'Article Discussion' started by Da Dego, 13 Sep 2006.

  1. Sam0r

    Sam0r It's been a while

    24 Jun 2005
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    Surely this whole 'It will require an external power brick'* shenanigans is a good thing..

    Especially when it means you don't have to spend so much more on a massively powerfull PSU.

    Bring it on tbh.

    *Assuming it will be a power brick that is, can't see why it wouldn't
  2. EQC

    EQC What's a Dremel?

    23 Mar 2006
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    ...except power bricks that spit out a decent amount of power still cost a good chunk of cash -- ever tried to get an extra power brick for a laptop (usually in the 90 Watt range like this thing'll probably be...since G80 it'll get some of its required 175W from the PCI-buss).

    If you shop with Dell, that's about $50. For a power brick. In general, you don't spend $50 extra for a mere 100W on a new reasonable quality PSU. But that $50 will be included in the price of your new video card, like it or not. And it'll probably be more than that, since a GPU power brick will need to have more integrated power conditioning to make sure it doesn't fry your graphics card (the laptop's probably got its own built in protection...but no room for that on a graphics card).

    For an SLI type rig, you'll need 2 bricks, so an extra $100. For an extra 200W in power.

    And that power brick can never be used to run anything but your particular graphics card, unlike an investment in a multi-purpose PSU (the brick probably wouldn't even be compatible with a future graphics card upgrade).

    And think about the additional cabling mess you'll have to deal with under your desk.

    I don't go for super high-end stuff anyway...so my ideas probably don't matter to anybody who wants the best no matter what the cost...but the next GPU generation seems to mean a lot of extra costs, including additional price, additional components, additional electric bills, additional hassle with cables, additional heat in the case....
  3. jjsyht

    jjsyht Hello, my name is yuri

    19 Jun 2004
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    What's next, external brick to run a 15k raptor? 2 power cable(exc speakers) for a computer is just over the limit, 3 is just stupid. Soon you'll see people bringing their own generators @ LANs
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