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Cases NZXT Phantom 410 or other?

Discussion in 'Hardware' started by BioSniper, 1 Nov 2013.

  1. BioSniper

    BioSniper New Member

    5 Feb 2002
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    Hi guys.
    Yet again asking for some advice.

    I've recently noticed that my SLI 560Ti's are running rather warm... Around 95C..
    I've done all the regular stuff within my old Antec P180 such as replacing the fans for better ones, cleaning out all the grilles, removed the hard disk cage (and run with it it, barely any difference), opened the front door and grilles, replaced thermal paste on the GPU heatsinks and various other cable tidying etc in a bid to improve air flow, yet the old bird is still running rather hot.

    I've been looking at the NZXT Phantom 410 as it looks to be a balanced case but I cant find anything about how well it cools for SLI.
    The other option I've been toying with is the Carbide 500R which also appears to have good cooling for the price.

    Does anyone have any suggestions for cases ~£90 that are good for air cooled SLi setups or happen to know if the Phantom 410 or Carbide are any good for SLi?
  2. atc95

    atc95 I have the upgrade bug!

    3 Dec 2012
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    can't tell you anything about the 500r but the 300r (slightly smaller sibling) has 2 fan slots right over the pcie slots and with 2 7950s neither card went over 85 while stress testing.

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