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old athlon slot A ... need to change the mulit

Discussion in 'Hardware' started by weazel666, 11 Feb 2002.

  1. weazel666

    weazel666 What's a Dremel?

    12 Jan 2002
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    mmm got bored in the watercooling section cos no ones really in there half the time so

    the other night so i decided to risk my only stick of ddr out of my main rig to test in my motherboard that got sent back with the ok .... well it still works and it didn't fry my ram like it did before ... only gets to the bois and locks up .. but that's probably due to the crap cooling i had on it to test with ...

    enyhow so that means that i have potentionally got another spare board now ... so i really wanted to see how much i could get out of my old athlon 700slot A .. well i could only get it to 780 or something .. using the fsb ... but that's probably more due to the fact that i'm using the worst stick of pc100 i have ever used ... only let me get to 113fsb ... i know i've had 120fsb at least before with diffrent ram, but i didn't dare go eny funrther cos i had crap cooling then ... so i'm sort of stuck unless i can change the mulitplyer ... which involves one of those golden fingers things, or what ever there called? .... but i can't afford that at the mo .. plus it would probably be a waste after i probably will kill this chip at some point.... so i need a walkthrough on soldering the small resistors so i can change the mulitiplyer ..... enyone got eny links .. just been spending hours trying to find one .. can't find squat? .... oh .. do you have to use a low power soldering iron .. or won't it matter?

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