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Scratch Build – In Progress Old TubeTester (Completed in 2009)

Discussion in 'Project Logs' started by Gentleman_Dingo, 7 Jun 2011.

  1. Gentleman_Dingo

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    30 Aug 2007
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    So, I apologize if this is against forum rules (although I was unable to locate anything about posting past mods) but I’m going to post my first attempt at casemodding from back in 2009. I saw a post by Darthbeavis and chuckled when I remember at how he tried explaining the intricate looks and quality of modding that was lost on my beginner ears. While my join date is 2007 I didn’t start really lurking until after speaking with Darthbeavis and Josh (I'm not sure what his forum name is). It’s only taken me until 2 years to post my first project log (Cygnar Storm Strider and begin to show off what I’ve learned from lurking and following constructive advice.

    Any rate, here was first attempt. The idea was to take an old Radio Tube Tester and make it into a case I could take to PAX.


    I don’t have anything in the way of progress photos because I wasn’t schooled in the way of Project Logging at the time. I do have two versions of the case and the mistakes that I made.

    This was the first iteration of the TubeTester:



    Unfortunately, I didn’t test everything that went into casemod before I cut and modded. Sadly, that power supply didn’t have enough juice to power the box. The PSU I had to buy in short notice was twice the size of the original PSU. So I chose to house the PSU outside the case.



    Yeah…. Looking at it now kinda makes me cringe. But live and learn.
    But that was nothing compared to my ‘wire management’:


    Some other things I learned about was know your metal, plan your cuts and file your edges. Here’s a side view:


    The only things these pictures don't show are that I modded two Tubes with LEDs to flicker with HDD activity. But you can see that in the Youtube link below. Here was the headset I modded to go with the case:


    Overall I had a lot of fun doing the case, competing in the contest and meeting my fellow modders. The only piece of advice I haven’t followed from DarthBeavis was to show up to PDXLAN and show off a modded case there. But I’m working on it.
    Here are two of the quotes from my LJ blog I was doing at the time:

    “Holy crap I have the jitters. The judges for this year's PAX casemod contest are the owner of CPU Magazine, an Intel exec, an Nvidia Exec, and a guy that has won national casemod contests for the last 5 years and (so I've been told) the King of Casemods. The prize is a I7 proc, $1500, and being on the cover of CPU magazine.”

    “Well, I didn't place in the contest but I did get some really good advice from Darthbeavis (outoftheboxmods.com) and Josh (nfc-systems.com) in regards to sponsorship and mod improvements. Overall, it has been a great learning experience.”

    I did get a little attention while at PAX2009, granted the overhead light makes me look bald, I swear I’m not that bald or Canadian. I also promise I don't procrastinate that much any more. :rolleyes:

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