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On our desk this week - 5

Discussion in 'Article Discussion' started by The_Pope, 9 Feb 2006.

  1. Perforated

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    29 Jan 2006
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    I liked the U3, but was also gonna mention portableapps - I've got a regular 128MB stick myself running portable GAIM, Firefox etc., nice toy.
    Also, wasn't there also a box - "bulldog" I think - that plugged in & entirely overrode a machine's OS? Like a live Linux distro but fancier?

    I've been tempted by one of the victorinox knives with USB key for some time, but the actual, steel, sharp n' pointy tools are poorly chosen - they've made small knives with an LED torch and biro in the scales that I've found handier by far than tweezers & toothpick, or apparently precisely nothing on that MP3 player. They also had a tool that incorporated a philips head driver, a wire stripper and a bottle opener... just have that, a knife & the file (for the straight screwdriver, not impromptu manicures), the LED & the biro in the scales, and a usb storage stick. THAT would actually be a useful collection of tools!

    This is just "ooh, an mp3 player... grab some stuff and whack it together with our badge". I do like the adapter though, it's like a... umm, swiss army knife. Yeah.
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