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News OnLive will have less lag than consoles

Discussion in 'Article Discussion' started by CardJoe, 16 Jun 2011.

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    24 Apr 2009
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    Sorry I was a bit off the actual issue which is response time. When this ping is too high you experience LAG, If it goes over a pre set value say 300-400ms you are disconnected from the server.

    If you would like to inform yourself about WAP2, TKIP, AES please use google. I do not have any links atm as it has been a while since I was researching wifi.

    Basically the reason is:

    LAN: full 100 MB ultra low lat. connection without encryption (unless you used Business level hardware and activate) and no signal interference or re-authentications.

    WIFI: High Lat. speed divided between devices, multi layer encryption and verification protocols. All add a delay to your packet which then in turn raises your response time. Now the big one, TKIP or simply put keys that are time limited and have to be renewed. This renewal of you encryption key is the most common cause of connection loss when you have full signal strength.

    (I ask any current Network admin's to clarify further and add up to date links).

    (Naturally a company selling WiFi equipment will not advertise these known issues and the faster the routers CPU is, the quality of the signal, up to date drivers on bolth ends the less this is an issue.)
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