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Development opinions plz

Discussion in 'Software' started by dfhaii, 22 Apr 2004.

  1. dfhaii

    dfhaii internets

    24 Mar 2002
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    Hi I have just about finished rewriting my site Dfhaii.com and was hoping to get opinions on it. It is fully database driven so that is just a template then the links and content are added to MySQL :).

    Any ideas on how to improve it?

    and yes the content is just crap at the mo, just needed to see what it would look like filled out a little.

    for some reason it looks correct in firefox and newer versions of ie but ie 5 an below it looks wrong. I blame ms :rolleyes: :p :D
  2. pancake

    pancake Guest

    I feel it's a little too 'boxy'. Every element doesn't need and shouldn't have a box around it. You could be a little more generous with your spacing. For example, leave nice big gaps to the left of the navbar and to the right of the content; between the navbar and content. Give yourself a nice big header banner as well, I find that over 50px height is good.

    This should hopefully make it feel a bit more relaxed to read rather than all being crammed in.

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