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Electronics Optical lense mod

Discussion in 'Modding' started by ol3lazeo, 13 Apr 2012.

  1. ol3lazeo

    ol3lazeo New Member

    13 Apr 2012
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    Hey everyone im new to this site. I actually stumbled upon this website after going to another so called "modding" site and the community there was a joke. I'm currently in a community college getting basics done but will be transfering to a great engineering school in my area for electrical engineering. As a child I always had the need to take things apart and put them back together probably a lot like most of you.

    ok enough of the introductions i need to get some quick help as im a little stumped in my current mod.

    It is kind of a small mod as im just starting out so i am trying to keep my projects simple. basically i am trying to move the optical lense or the camera of an optical mouse to another area.

    1. On to my main question if i unsolder the optical lense and the led can i extend it with just basic wire about 4" without losing any data from the lense. (by this i mean will it degrade how much of the data is sent back of how far the mouse moved)

    2. Also would using a ribbon wire be better so I dont have so many loose wires roaming around inside?

    3. I was planning on getting a diagram of the chip and color coding it myself so I know what all the wires are and where they should get soldered back on it.

    4. The buttons should be no problem as they simply need to be unsoldered and they need to be exended and i'm sure they will be fine. is there anything i need to be aware of before I continue any further

    if there is anything you all need to know just send me a msg and i can get back as soon as possible

    Also just incase any of you are wondering this is just a learning experience for me to see if it is possible
  2. Scirocco

    Scirocco Boobs, I have them, you lose.

    3 Jul 2007
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    Not into electrical systems, but thought I'd welcome you to the forums. No doubt someone with the knowledge will reply to you soon!
  3. Plodder

    Plodder New Member

    14 Apr 2012
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    I am a novice when it comes to electrics as well im afraid but... Considering this extension will be carrying in excess of a 1,000 images per second, my logic tells me that to get no degredation of data may not be an easy task.

    I mainly popped by to welcome you to the forum. I would also be very interested to know if you mange to get it working.
  4. Guinevere

    Guinevere Mega Mom

    8 May 2010
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    Are you aiming for the mouse to still be a mouse at the end? If so then I'd question the logic in moving the tracking sensor to a different location.

    The sensor should be in the centre of the mouse so as to best deal with minor wrist rotations. If you place the sensor somewhere else (say at the very front under the buttons) you might not like the way the 'new' mouse feels, it may become too 'twitchy' on the X axis... but it could also be a good thing.

    Same if you place it too far back you will likely be reducing sensitivity... probably never a good thing.

    But... the changes will be subtle you'll probably get away with it.

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