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Build Advice Options for Modded HP Microserver N40L

Discussion in 'Hardware' started by Arboreal, 24 Nov 2021.

  1. Arboreal

    Arboreal Keeper of the Electric Currants

    21 Jan 2011
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    I have finally dusted down my virtually unused N40L that I bought from@David some years ago.
    It is currently running in a catch 22 test setup.
    It has the modded BIOS which means all 6 SATA ports run at full speed, but with Win 10 installed, the onboard NIC is not functional.
    I can either install something else OS wise or buy an Intel gigabit NIC for a few pounds.

    What I want is a simple system that can be accessed by a couple of PC across the network and for them to do Macrium backups and Syncback copies onto a 4TB drive for starters.

    I need something simple to maintain and accessible that my elderly Dad can understand in terms of a backup client.
  2. javaman

    javaman May irritate Eyes

    10 May 2009
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    Recently setup TrueNAS on mine. Was fairly simple all things considered (Completely new to the whole NAS space). Didn't encounter any issues, with enough instructions and youtube guides on how to do things. Maybe not enough in the why I'm doing some things but so far no issues.

    Can be configured so it's a folder on his desktop that he just drops stuff into or could be set to take a snapshot of his machine periodically
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