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Our NEW MSI GS30 Shadow & GamingDock - Coming soon!

Discussion in 'MSI UK' started by MSINotebookUK, 9 Sep 2014.

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    29 Jul 2014
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    Hey all!

    I am excited to reveal one of our newest additions to the MSI G series family!

    So, have you ever wanted a super small, lightweight, ultra thin NB? Have you ever wanted it to be ultra mobile for your day to day activities? Uni? Work? Starbucks with the Macbook pro cool kids?

    It's here!

    Our new MSI GS30 Shadow NB!


    Specs :

    4th Gen Core I7
    2 x SSD
    13.3" Full HD Screen
    Iris Pro Graphics (Super On board GPU)
    1.3KG in weight

    But I hear you say....what about the GPU? You want discreet graphics? You want upgradability?

    OK.... so it comes with a GamingDock!


    Docking and transforming, shift into the Elysium!
    There is a specific GamingDock designed for GS30 Shadow and the overall graphics performance will be shifted to a higher level while GS30 Shadow is docking on it. By the inserted desktop discrete graphics card inside the GamingDock, more graphics calculation will be enhanced and more visual detailed will be revealed. Users can choose any desktop graphics card, which is stronger and more powerful, then easily insert into it to unleash the most stunning visual effect and deliver the most exciting gaming experience to gamers by full bandwidth of PCI-e x16. The GamingDock is no wonder the most powerful upgraded cannon for slim gaming laptops to play on those most performance demanding titles in highest resolution and settings.

    Just to say the above a little more clearly

    You can insert any brand DESKTOP GPU into the gaming dock, so your NB when docked will be just as good graphics wise as your desktop.

    This means when newer laptop GPU's come out, you will not be worried about performance.

    Use this NB with a 780TI if you like! The choice is yours!

    Perfect for if you go away to uni, you can have a full desktop solution in your room, but a super high powered NB whilst you are at the library!

    The dock can hold a normal HD for all your games too, whilst the NB holds 2 x SSD's.

    More spec details for the NB are below
    Model name

    GS30 Shadow

    Operating System

    Windows 8.1

    LED Backlight Display

    13.3" , support up to 2560x1440 , Wild view angle, Anti-glare


    Intel® 4th Gen Core™ i7

    Memory Type

    DDR3L, up to 1600MHz, Max 16GB


    Intel Iris Pro

    Hard Disk Capacity

    M.2 SSDx2 with Super Raid


    Backlight Keyboard

    Optical Disk Drive


    USB 3.0/2.0


    Card Reader

    SD(XC/HC) /MMC

    Video output:

    HDMI 1.4b

    Mic-in/Headphone out



    Giga LAN/ Intel 802.11ac


    Bluetooth v4.0


    HD type (30fps@720p)


    Built in 4-Cell Li-Ion

    Power Adapter


    Dimension (WxDxH)

    320 x 227.3 x 19.8mm


    1.3 Kg (w/ Battery)

    The GamingDock will come with all the usual spec like Killer Lan/USB 3.0/HDMI out so you can connect multi screens & gaming peripherals to it also.

    More information will be released closer to it's release date - Jan 2015

    Some specs may change - but you get the idea of what this badboy is going to be like.

    Any questions - Fire away (if I can get an answer I will )


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