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Modding Part's help

Discussion in 'Modding' started by Samurai75007, 8 May 2005.

  1. Samurai75007

    Samurai75007 New Member

    27 Oct 2004
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    Well hello all, this is my first time posting something in the moding section so be kind. I am working in Solidworks on creating my case and water-cooling set up for a well server project. This will have two shuttle computers built into one case. I am working on the water-cooling right now and would like to run some ideas and questions buy some other people before I start to look for and get this stuff CNC’d. This first part is for the top of the reservoir for the water-cooling.

    Top Part

    PolarFLO TT Posi-Seal Barbs

    The block is 7mm x 7mm x2.5mm. The top as you can see has two holes in it they go 1.5mm down into an opening of a bottle that will be used as the reservoir, this will be to get the water in and out of the bottle that will be inside. I am thinking of using two PolarFLO TT Posi-Seal Barbs at 3/8". The problem I am thinking that I will have is the flow. The bottle will be lying on its side but will this cause any problems of flow in and out? Should I make an extension on the incoming so that the outgoing dose not haft to fight any incoming water cutting the flow? The next thing is where could I send this and a few other things two a CNC that could be cheep but offer a good quality. And if you don’t know I am in Dallas Texas… Thanks and I will post more about the other parts as they come.

    Samurai75007 :thumb:

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