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Gaming Payday: The Heist Review

Discussion in 'Article Discussion' started by arcticstoat, 25 Oct 2011.

  1. Kaihekoa

    Kaihekoa New Member

    26 May 2010
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    Yep, metacritic traffic from shopping on Steam.
  2. Paradigm Shifter

    Paradigm Shifter de nihilo nihil fit

    10 May 2006
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    Another bump and a sort of follow up...

    This was gifted to me (had it in my Wishlist and forgot to remove it) during the Thanksgiving sale and finally got the chance to spend some time playing this with a couple of friends last night. While it was absolutely no fun playing by myself, jumping in with some mates really made this game worth it.

    Sure, it's not the biggest or best looking game in the world, but lots of other games either don't look great or aren't large and are quite fun. It might begin to grate if I played the same mission enough, so long-term replay value isn't there (unless they allow fan-maps or release more themselves) but I've been pleasantly surprised - especially since I detested Left4Dead.
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