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Other Paypal dispute

Discussion in 'General' started by kenco_uk, 20 Aug 2012.

  1. kenco_uk

    kenco_uk I unsuccessfully then tried again

    28 Nov 2003
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    I'm just wondering if anyone on here has had a payment put on hold using Paypal on ebay, it's the first time it's happened for me.

    It's in Paypal's hands at the moment and I've had communication from the seller that they received it and all is grand (it was a Coolermaster Cosmos case) apart from the vga tunnel is missing which I said I'd send on in due course (I even put a note in the box to say so). It's packed up and ready to be sent tomorrow. I've contacted the seller about it but surely it's not enough to claim the whole amount back? She seemed happy enough.
  2. Shirty

    Shirty W*nker! Super Moderator

    18 Apr 1982
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    The hold will be there because the buyer has opened a case. Once the case is closed (most likely by the buyer), the hold will be released.

    If everything's above board and you're talking to the buyer, then you've nothing to worry about (other than the fact you can't get hold of the funds right now).
  3. IvanIvanovich

    IvanIvanovich будет глотать вашу душу.

    31 Aug 2008
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    Payment can be put in hold for a number of reasons. If they opend a dispute is one, or paypal can just do it because they feel it's suspicious in some way, or sometimes they do it for ebay transactions for a certain period 'just in case' they do file a dispute. It is completely arbitrary in some cases.
    I had ALL payments go into a hold status for months for a period awhile ago because I had 'too many' gift payment sent to my account. Paypal just sucks in that way sometimes.

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