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PC World Skin - Somewhat defeating the purpose?

Discussion in 'Feedback & Suggestions' started by Jon Tseng, 16 Jun 2010.

  1. Jon Tseng

    Jon Tseng What's a Dremel?

    16 Jun 2010
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    Noticed the front page of the site plastered with a PC World ad skin today.

    Now I understand the commercial pressures, and understand tech journalism is a somewhat hand-to-mouth existence, but is this not slightly missing the point.

    Surely PC World are the opposite of everything the Bit-Tech/Custom PC enthusiast mindset stands for no? FFS, these are the guys who try to charge you £90 for a 2m HDMI cable!!! (amazon essentials price... about three bob).

    It sort of like the Guardian letting their food & drinks be sponsored by McDonalds. Surely people who visit bit-tech are the LAST ones who are likely to buy kit from PC World, no?

  2. adam_bagpuss

    adam_bagpuss Have you tried turning it off/on ?

    24 Apr 2009
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    yep im startng to get lots of the PC world ad now.

    fail bit-tech im afraid for accepting this ad. Epic fail to PC world thinking it will generate sales lol.
  3. M7ck

    M7ck Ⓜod Ⓜaster

    28 Mar 2009
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    Well done to bit-tech for accepting this, in the current climate they need to accept all the revenue they can. But yeah epic fail for PC World for thinking this will generate sales.
  4. tristanperry

    tristanperry Minimodder

    22 May 2010
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    I echo M7ck's post - well done to Bit-tech for getting this advertising deal. It probably is a good deal for them (especially in the current crappy economic climate where advertising budgets are being slashed), and it's not like it'll benefit PC World much.

    In short, BT FT-W, PCW FTL ^^
  5. Tom @ CCL

    Tom @ CCL AKA: Yewen

    10 May 2010
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    Nothing wrong with it in my opinion, I know certainly from my point of view as a competitor to PC World you take the best advertising opertunities you can get.

    Bit-tech is read by a huge amount of people, ranging from IT pros to novices.

    Bit-tech gets great rankings through google, search for most bits of hardware and Bit-tech is usually right up there. From the first time reader footfall the advert PC World are running will probably get the exposure they want, not from the established Bit-tech reader base.

    Ofc I would prefer it if the advert came down, but it does make sense from where I am sitting! :D
  6. Sifter3000

    Sifter3000 I used to be somebody

    11 Jul 2006
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    Thanks for the comments guys. While I appreciate not everyone on the forums goes to PC World - so wants to admit to it in public :p - as Tom says, bit-tech is read by a lot more people than just the forumites, and quite a few of those people do go to PC World, especially for something like MS Office, which the current campaign is promoting.

    Big companies usually do a fair bit of research about where to spend their advertising cash, and they don't just chuck it at places where the audience isn't receptive. PC World has in the past seen a good return from ads on bit (and in CPC).
  7. Kovoet

    Kovoet What's a Dremel?

    26 Aug 2009
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    Good post ditto
  8. Bungletron

    Bungletron Minimodder

    25 May 2010
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    On my laptop, the 1024 wide screen res is so low that the PC world skin just hangs off the edge out view, the ad is auto adblocked, LOL!

    Internets retailers will usually beat pc world's price everytime however I still walk past a shop and have a look round, might pick something up on the fly. I notice Google Shopping has shown a competitive price on software on occassion and the special offers on proper consumer brand hardware such as laptops can be reasonable.

    Inevitably an apalling budget system bought by friends or family will come from PC World (their e system brand is terrible, but so incredibly cheap), however I am also not sold on The Tech Guys, have seen those clowns in action, truly scary.
  9. bulldogjeff

    bulldogjeff The modding head is firmly back on.

    2 Mar 2010
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    Well I disagree and agree with everything...lol.. Let me explain, I can see why bit-tech have taken on the PC World ads, that doesn't mean I have to like it though, but it's a business and bit-tech has to do whats right for itself. I also agree that not many of us are likely to be shopping for our next rig in there, but every now and then PC World does have it's uses. And as for the Tech Guys, OMG, they are a pile of sh*t, I'd have to say that the majority of people on here have probably forgotten more than most of them will ever know.

    That's it....Done, end of rant....
    Last edited: 19 Jun 2010
  10. ThunderBob

    ThunderBob What's a Dremel?

    19 Sep 2005
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    All i can say is.....DAMN ITS SO PINK!

    PC World is ok for the occasional thing you need NOW. But otherwise is beaten by 99.99% of e-tailers.

    Good one BT for getting the ad.
  11. pimonserry

    pimonserry sounds like a party.

    20 Dec 2008
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    I'm a bit late to this thread, but PC World are actually advertising Office 2010: something which even true B-T forumites might buy from their stores, unless they're a student or NHS employed.

    But it is very pink :worried:

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