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Windows PDXLAN 8 :: 500 man LAN, Portland Oregon Sept 22nd - 25th

Discussion in 'Gaming' started by Yo-DUH_87, 5 Sep 2006.

  1. Yo-DUH_87

    Yo-DUH_87 Who you calling tiny?

    6 Mar 2002
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    Hey guys its that time for PDXLAN once again!!!! If you live in the West Cost area, you don't want to miss it!

    We still have tickets available for this HUGE event!!! We have always sold out our 500 person LAN's so dont miss PDXLAN 8! Buy your ticket before they are all gone!

    Some things to look forward to as always are:

    5v5 BF1942
    1v1 Starcraft
    1v1 Quake 3
    1v1 FEAR
    5v5 CS:S
    1v1 BFME2

    As always your in for a treat! PDXLAN has gathered over $75,000 alone for YOUR prizes!!!!
    Gift Bags
    Tones of other swag

    Not to mention FREE SODA on tap for the whole event! (Pepsi products)

    Comcast will be providing 20 cable modems that will be load balanced into one HUGE internet pipe!!! Feel free to come and play your favorite MMORPG!!!

    Please visit pdxlan.com for all information regarding the event!!!!
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