PG279Q monitor BLB RMA Rejected!

Discussion in 'SCAN Computers - Pre Sales Support' started by Feremak, 13 Jun 2016.

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    Hey all,

    I'm in a bit of a pickle and need some assistance from all you lovely people.

    My PG279Q has BLB in the top right corner and bottom left corner.

    As the title says i've had an RMA respond with No fault found.


    Scan have returned with there Opinion on the BLB in the RMA with:

    there is some backlight bleed on top right corner but its well within what I would consider is NFF. also checked by MichaelW.

    Clearly it hasn't been checked thoroughly because they have only mentioned the top right. When it has it on the bottom left as well.

    Is their anything i can do, or am i to suffer and live my days realizing i've made a huge mistake putting my trust in Scan.

    It would seem that scan is portraying the idea that the severity of BLB is the determining factor of fault worthy or not. But shouldn't the mere existence of BLB be worth a replacement for a monitor that doesn't have a crappy panel.

    Any help/advice would be much appreciated, thanks.
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    Back light bleed != faulty, just like a few dead pixels isn't strictly faulty. If they wanted to be super awesome, they could swap it, but there's nothing to say the new one wouldn't be exactly the same and they're not legally required to do anything unless the monitor's warranty clearly states that is 100% free from backlight bleed.

    In my opinion that amount of bleed is minimal and not noticeable unless displaying a black screen in really low light conditions.
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    The monitor in question has been tested by 2 different members of staff as we appreciate BLB can often be subjective. Both staff members do not consider the BLB of the monitor in question to be excessive and well within what would be considered acceptable for a monitor of this type.

    It should also be noted that we had indicated prior to return that on the evidence already provided before we had even issued an RMA we did not consider it as faulty but you were insistent it be returned and tested.

    Unfortunately due to the length of time you contacted us following the delivery of the monitor originally it is not something we can take back as unwanted as the period for requesting a return as unwanted following delivery is 14 days.
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