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Hardware Phobya Black Owl Preview

Discussion in 'Article Discussion' started by Meanmotion, 10 Sep 2013.

  1. Ficky Pucker

    Ficky Pucker I

    9 Jul 2009
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    you'd not only save £400 but also end up with a much better looking case as well :D
  2. subset7

    subset7 Spanking the Monkey

    31 Aug 2008
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    I'd only expect to pay about half of what the asking price is,nice case but not worth the asking price.
  3. SchizoFrog

    SchizoFrog What's a Dremel?

    5 May 2009
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    Between the asking price and the image, this became the article I spent least amount of time on in a very long time. Extortionate price, ugly looks and I suddenly couldn't care less what anyone had to say about it.
    Also seems to be a very slow week for the BT team with a single game review on Monday, this case preview on Tuesday, nothing on Wednesday and a bunch of side articles. I hope the team are busy in the office working on something...
  4. siliconfanatic

    siliconfanatic Johny-come-Lately

    10 Sep 2012
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    Agreed, far too expensive... I hate to say it but it looks like a bland metal frame. It legitimatley looks likes someone stripped a case, put some handles on it and hammered in the sides. Plastic, mesh, metal, whatever! Put some meat on them bones and a brain in the beast for that price!

    I normally don't like to hate something, but this's got me to the point of pitchforks and torches raging.

    Next time, make a case that's worth buying, and give it a price tag that doesn't make someone want to cuss them out.
    Last edited: 14 Sep 2013
  5. p0Pe

    p0Pe gief cake?

    23 Nov 2007
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    This is why you should not try and take a modders idea and mass produce it.

    What modders make is not meant to be mass produces. And if you go ahead and try, you will end up with something that looks half done because you cannot afford to make it look like the designer intended. And STILL you have to put a stupid high price tag on it because you have to earn in the hours you used to make it this far.

    This was a great original design, but a horrible idea to try and manufacture, and whoever was behind this as project leader should seriously sit down and think about this.
  6. m0zes

    m0zes What's a Dremel?

    19 Apr 2011
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    Agreed, if modders are going to be involved in the design of cases then it has to be done in a more intelligent way:
    1- On a complete new product the modder/s need to be involved with the rest of the production team at the very earliest brief/design phases to extract useful ideas and to ensure mass production and efficiency are represented right from the very start
    2- There's already plenty of very capable case manufactures on the market and phobia deals with a very niche market that isn't competing with them. Therefore a partnership could be discussed, and a multistage modding competition created:

    Stage 1 - Existing cases from brand X are listed and voted on to determine which case/s will be customized in the next stage.

    Stage 2 - With a case selected modders are asked to design a modified version of the case that still retains the basic form and construction of the basic case. This still keeps the options wide open, but allows modding and mass manufacturing to meet part way within the competition.
  7. mnpctech

    mnpctech bit-tech sponsor

    21 Apr 2003
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    Glad to hear SnowyOwl's design finally became reality, but it's price tag is not reality.
  8. Hukkel

    Hukkel James' minion

    20 Dec 2012
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    The original design wasn't bad at all. It was still kinda stolen from the G5 but some elements were really nice. The problem is that comapnies then go and make it mainstream and then they end up with cases like this.

    I wouldn't mind modding it to see what I can make of it. But arranging all hardware just to get this case and Phobya watercooling parts.... dunno.
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