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Cooling Phobya cooling review

Discussion in 'Hardware' started by Devastater6194, 29 Oct 2014.

  1. Devastater6194

    Devastater6194 What's a Dremel?

    29 Sep 2014
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    Tough it's all mine :p

    I did try to do that. I couldn't test properly due to moving rigs about recently but i did recommend the fan for anyone looking for quiet over noisy performance. Most fan controllers do pretty much the same thing so that's mainly down to aesthetics. The only marketing i have received is what is on the boxes so anything I've mentioned has been my opinion not just because someone has sent me them to review.
  2. doyll

    doyll Minimodder

    1 Jul 2011
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    Expecting and getting are very different things. Just because Phobya says they are great and splendorous is no reason for me to expect them to be any better than Noctua, Phanteks, Thermalright, be quiet!, Cryorig, or any other brand out there.
  3. aquatuning

    aquatuning What's a Dremel?

    5 Jul 2006
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    Let take a second to re-evaluate this post with some truth instead of hearsay.

    Firstly I provided the samples for test to Devastater6194 along with with a handful of others in response to a Facebook post where I asked for people who were interested in becoming reviewers to step forward.

    This was an open post to anyone who wanted to try there hand at reviewing so of course the majority have not written a review before. So yes the quality may be not what you are used to and there maybe some points you want to raise but please keep the criticism constructive.

    Devastater6194 is not "paid" for spamming etc etc he has simply been given some items and told to write his feeling on them. If he does the work like he has he gets to keep the parts. This gives you the unique advantage of getting the truth as we are not pouring money into advertising with him etc. Plus good or bad the review will stay up.

    Regarding Phobya, they are a brand that manufactures some of there own products and re-brands others. But they also try to keep quality at a good level for the price point. Regarding the flexlight we are aware they are not perfect and changes are constantly being made to improve them. But you have to understand this can take 6-months + to go through design manufacture and shipping. But the majority of the customers are very happy and you will be happy to know the next version has a improve connecting system for the rgb.

    @ doyll if you are sceptical of the Phobya fan quality pm me your address and you can see for yourself.
  4. spolsh

    spolsh Multimodder

    4 Feb 2012
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    Nice of you to clear those points up Nitrix, people have been a bit hard on the lad.
  5. bulldogjeff

    bulldogjeff The modding head is firmly back on.

    2 Mar 2010
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    I tend to agree with this, the blokes got a few freebies on the understanding he write a review.. Good luck to him.. If people want to send me stuff I will quite happily sit there all day writing about it.

    Now here's a possibly mote point. I have never been a sponsored modder. But on the forums there are a hell of a lot of people getting sponsorship and putting sponsors names on cases like racing cars, banners up with companies names and plugging them in their build logs. Yet no one ever mentions it, everyone just accepts it.

    This guy was just holding up his end of the bargain, maybe the only place he has gone wrong is not showing the parts in a built up rig and working.

    Thats it now, rant over. I'll just crawl back under my rock and carry on plotting my next build :D
  6. Parge

    Parge the worst Super Moderator

    16 Jul 2010
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    I would argue that they have failed to keep quality at a good level for the price point with this particular product. I now have two unusable RGB flexlights – the two light strips and the controller have have probably cost me well over £30 or so now. I went to the effort of writing a very polite email to Phobya, but no one ever bothered to respond to me at all, so that really soured my experience. If they were indeed aware that there was improvements that needed to be made/were being made, then a simple email to say and apologise would have sufficed. Let’s be honest, the watercooling scene isn’t really big enough for brands to have poor customer service, let alone quality control!

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