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Planning a loop (4930K, 780/780Ti/SLI)

Discussion in 'Watercooling' started by cyberspyder, 5 Jul 2014.

  1. cyberspyder

    cyberspyder Canuck

    26 Nov 2006
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    Thinking of the following:

    -Swiftech Apogee Drive 2
    -Swiftech MCR320 Drive B
    -Up to 2 X GPU blocks (haven't picked one yet)
    -Second rad somewhere (if needed)
    -Maybe a second reservoir (depending on orientation of the Drive B)

    Will be used to cool a 4930K OC'd and up to 2 x 780Ti, although initially we are starting off with just one 780. The Drive B is on clearance for $80, while it isn't a MCP35X like the Apogee Drive 2 (has a MCP350), it's a pretty decent deal with its integrated res. So for around $230 I can get dual pumps in series with a 360mm rad and enough head pressure for a large loop, plus I can add on another rad for minimal cost later on.

    Overkill? I did think about complimenting a H220/320/X kit with the Drive B but the stock pump has a lot lower flow rate plus it costs a tad more.
  2. Big Elf

    Big Elf Oh no! Not another f----ing elf!

    23 Apr 2009
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    It's not ideal mixing a PWM pump with a non PWM version particularly when the 350 is a comparatively weaker pump. The spec of the Apogee Drive II suggests it's utilising the 35X and is more than sufficient for a CPU and 2 GPU blocks. I wouldn't bother with a MCP350 pump in that loop.

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