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Reviews PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds Review

Discussion in 'Article Discussion' started by bit-tech, 22 Dec 2017.

  1. yuusou

    yuusou Well-Known Member

    5 Nov 2006
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    Just don't land in a city.
  2. suenstar

    suenstar Collector of Things

    13 Sep 2009
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    Quite enjoy playing this game for a couple of hours every other week, it's not a game that I can put tons of time into as I tend to tune out and lose focus when playing it for longer periods.
    It's much more fun with friends talking over VOIP, solo games can be a bit too quiet.

    I'm a very casual player, less than 20 hours over the past 6 months and usually last until the last 4 players on the map in solo.
    Duo & Squad games are much more fun, I enjoy it more because getting shot down isn't instant death so there's always a chance of pulling the game back.

    There's not really much advantage for longtime players beyond a bit of extra practice with aiming and learning good looting practices.
    The gun mechanics changed not too long ago with bullet drop and such changing, so even the older players have had to go through some re-adjustment.

    I find that the best way to learn is to play some rounds with no expectation of doing well and to not care if you die instantly for the first few games, play around with different tactics and drop in as many different locations to get a feel for the landscape.
    It's worth intentionally dropping with lots of other people from time to time to get used to some of the more manic situations, otherwise it's easy to panic when everyone starts shooting or running at you with a pan.
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  3. Anfield

    Anfield Well-Known Member

    15 Jan 2010
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    I'd say the huge player base actually makes it much more accessible to casual / new players, simply put the large sample size increases the chances of you encountering other casual players as opposed to what usually happens with multiplayer games on PC where the casuals vanish shortly after launch leaving only more dedicated players behind.
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