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A/V Portable Speakers with USB input

Discussion in 'Hardware' started by ShakeyJake, 30 Oct 2018.

  1. ShakeyJake

    ShakeyJake My name is actually 'Jack'.

    5 May 2009
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    Hey all,

    I currently have a Polaris V8 (now seemingly sold under a few different names) that is great. What I love about is that you can play it from a pc using just a micro usb cable, the same cable that charges it also allows it to show up as a USB sound card and that saves having to also use a 3.5mm cable as well.

    Unfortunately, mine has been through the ringer and it's the worse for wear. The 3.5mm jack is crackly, the rubber surround is warped and the right hand speaker doesn't work. I don't mind, given the hard life that the little speaker has had over the past few years I can't complain, it's held up as well or better than anything else would have.

    It seems that most of the portable bluetooth speakers don't advertise the usb sound card option, so I took it for being an unusual feature, until I saw that even the V8 doesn't mention it in most of it's ad copy.

    Are there any other similar speakers that play from a usb port? Ideally looking for:
    • Decent sound - I know that these things all sound tiny and cheap because they are, but as much as possible it must sound good.
    • Battery powered
    • Plays from a usb cable only, appears as a usb sound device
    • Other features (radio, sd card, bluetooth) appreciated but not necessary
    • Under £50! Significantly more and I'll just get another V8 (£30-£35 or so)

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