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Music Post Your Favorite Songs Of All Time

Discussion in 'General' started by enterobsidian, 5 May 2012.

  1. enterobsidian

    enterobsidian Hopless World Wonderer

    11 Apr 2011
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    With all the music related threads, thought this one might be interesting to look at.

    Post your favorite 4 songs, and the reason that you like them.

    Suppose I better start:
    1) Daft Punk - Verdis Quo
    Pure emotion in sound. Whilst being simple, the depth that this song can go to is incredible. The easiest way to describe this song is one that takes the feelings of the listener and puts them down on paper.

    2) Jeff Buckley - Hallelujah
    I don't think that any one man has bared his soul and produced a finer track. The lack of any other instruments and the clarity of the recording just resonate with an unparalleled beauty that is only more tragic with the passing of such a great musician.

    3) Bruce Springsteen and The E Street Band - The River
    Emotion seems to be a running theme, and this song is no exception. It has to be the version from Live In New York City, with the Clarence Clemmons solo at the start. He poured his heart out in that solo, as did The Boss in his. This song touches in so many places, and takes on a different dimension walking round rainy streets when you're feeling down.

    4) Bruce Springsteen - Racing In The Streets ('78)
    This has to be from The Promise, which has a much better set of lyrics than Darkness. Pretty simple this one, if you're involved in Motorsport and, like most people, worried about the future, such a song would speak volumes. One of those rare songs that makes you sit back and reevaluate your life, and what it means to you.

    Now, over to you. What will you pick?

  2. Bob Berkowitz

    Bob Berkowitz New Member

    3 Apr 2012
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    Adele is always good. My favorite songs by her are Rolling in the Deep, and Set Fire to the Rain. My favorite band is Coldplay. Some of their songs include Viva la Vida, Paradise, Lost, Strawberry Swing, and so many more!
  3. longweight

    longweight Possibly Longbeard.

    7 May 2011
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  4. jackwrites

    jackwrites Banned

    29 Jun 2012
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    My all time favorite songs are :-

    #1 Payphone
    #2 Call Me Maybe
    #3 Call My Name
    #4 Wide Awake
    #5 Somebody That I Used To Know
    #6 We Are Young
    #7 What Makes You Beautiful
    #8 Starships
    #9 Wild Ones
    #10 Whistle Flo Rida
  5. Kovoet

    Kovoet New Member

    26 Aug 2009
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    AC/DC. Highway to hell
    Boston. Peace of mind
    Rainbow. All night long
    Bad Company. Burning sky
    Judas Priest. You got another thing coming
    Led Zeplin. Whole lotta love
    Metellica. Friends of misery
    Level 42. Lessons in love
    Van Halen Running with the devil
    Prince. When the doves cry
    Robert Miles. Children
    Midnight Oil. The beds are burning
  6. piksbisht

    piksbisht New Member

    14 Jul 2012
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    Somebody That I Used To Know
    Call Me Maybe
    Wild Ones
  7. GMC

    GMC Well-Known Member

    26 Jun 2010
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    Not sure about all time favourites, would have to dig around my library for that I reckon. but these 4 rank up at the top for me.

    Confidence Man - Jeff Healey
    Heaven Look Down - Beth Hart
    Happier Times - Joe Bonamassa
    Dollar Bill - Screaming Trees
  8. TheBlackSwordsMan

    TheBlackSwordsMan Pig Assault!

    16 Aug 2009
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    1# Led Zeppelin - Stairway to heaven
    2# Chopin - Nocturne 2, Opera 9
    3# Dave Brubeck Quartet - Take Five
    4# Peter Gabriel - The tower that ate peoples
    5# Led Zeppelin - Kashmir
    6# Guns N Roses - Knockin on heaven's door
    7# Peter Frampton - Do you feel what we do
    8# Jesse Cook - Breeze from saintes maries
    9# Sting - A thousand years
    10# Bon Jovi - Livin' on a prayer
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