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PPD for G34 Opterons

Discussion in 'bit-tech Folding Team' started by One_Box, 12 Jul 2011.

  1. phoenicis

    phoenicis Retired Chimp

    26 Apr 2009
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    I was curious what had resurrected this thread from the dead. Welcome back Bishbosh.

    I don't know what m/b you're using and I'm a bit out of touch but if I'm reading things right I don't think you're doing anything wrong other than the fact that your single IL chip needs company.

    The advantage of G34 chips is their ability to be used on dual or quad processor motherboards. I don't have an IL processor but they run at a similar speed to Magny Cours whilst drawing a bit more power.

    Now for a few assumptions I'm afraid. My quad 6174s OCed by 15% get a tpf of 13 mins on the most common bigadv work unit, the 8101. So let's say 15 mins without the OC. Ignoring upload time and assuming linear scaling:

    - a single chip would achieve a tpf of 60 mins and fail the preferred deadline - 5k ppd
    - two chips would achieve a tpf of 30 mins and just meet the preferred deadline - 105k ppd
    - four chips would achieve a tpf of 15 mins and easily meet the preferred deadline - 299k ppd

    Sorry to be the bearer of bad news but a single 6274 can't currently fold bigadv and your ppd feels about right for regular SMP.
  2. Scorpuk

    Scorpuk Minimodder

    10 Jan 2012
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    I would agree on the 4 chip, 6274's for me, with 8101 and getting approx. 300k ppd.

    Your chip is lonely and needs some company. :D
  3. Bishbosh

    Bishbosh Brutally Subtle

    16 Jul 2009
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    POOR POOR LONELY OPTERON ... It needs a girlfriend or 2 or 3. My wife will kill you guys if she reads this.

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