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Press Release KeySonic KSK-6000 U Multimedia compact keyboard

Discussion in 'Keysonic' started by Nathan@Nanopoint, 29 May 2009.

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    2 Feb 2009
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    Multimedia Compact Keyboard in flat Notebook Design

    May 2009: Already during its first presentation at CeBIT 2009 the new KeySonic keyboard attracted the attention of many visitors. The eye-catching trendy-mirrored LED panel on the upper right corner to display the Caps, Num, Scroll Lock and a blue illuminated KeySonic logo.

    The chic black KSK-6000 U has an extremely flat keypad, well-known for notebooks. Nevertheless, it offers the silent but noticeable keystroke of the high-quality X-Type membrane technology. The key area is kept very large, as it is the norm in the in-dustrial sector. This additionally makes typing easier. The new input device is with its especially low height of only 18 mm well suited for usage in cramped and in living areas.

    Twelve multifunctional keys - among other things, for standby, volume regulation, starting the Windows Media Player as well as calling a calculator - ensure high effi-ciency and also allow the control of home entertainment systems. Tilt feet on the back for adjustment of the tilt angle ensure an ergonomic way of working. Despite the compact dimensions (WxDxH: 367x116 x18 mm) a standard number pad is also integrated.

    The installation of the keyboard by "Plug & Play" without special drivers is very easy and time-saving. The connection of the input device to a Windows 2000 / XP / Vista compatible PC is made via a 2 m long cable with USB interface.
    The KSK-6000 U is delivered in an attractive retail packaging in a red KeySonic de-sign. They are marketed exclusively by Nanopoint UK Ltd in England and are avail-able in specialized shops for the recommended retail price of £14.99 (incl. VAT) starting from June.

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