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Problem setting up a server

Discussion in 'Tech Support' started by npumcrisz, 16 Dec 2007.

  1. npumcrisz

    npumcrisz New Member

    16 Dec 2007
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    I am following the instructions from this website but I am having problems. Step 7 is where I am having a problem.

    1. Installed mysql and phpmyadmin- -Apache couldn't determine the FQDN of my machine.:confused:
    2. Type in the url hxxp://localhost/ I could see apache2 but not phpmyadmin. " - there is a programming glitch".
    3. Installed torrentflux from the synaptic manager but when I type in mysqladmin –u root –p create torrentflux ; it doesn't create anything stating it was already created.
    4. Author's instruction, "So, change to the sql directory by doing cd sql, and issue mysql –u root –p torrentflux < mysql_torrentflux.sql. " I can't achieve this. At the terminal log in as root user, I can't change to sql directory. I even used the command locate sql but forget about it because I get numerous responses. Where do I find this directory?:wallbash:
    5. Moving ahead of that obstacle; when the author states, " .... search for the line starting with $cfg[“db_pass”] and input the MySQL root password." What does he mean? :idea:

    *replace hxxp with http.

    Runing Xubuntu 7.1
    host name: server-1
    Domain name: ghislain.h-m-h-n
    IP address: (static)
  2. Glider

    Glider /dev/null

    2 Aug 2005
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    Well, I'll try to explain...

    The error you get in 1 is because you didn't tell Apache what FQDN is for your machine. It isn't however fatal, so don't worry about it.

    In 2, when you installed PHPMyAdmin the directory should be created. However, there seems to be a glitch in the latest release of Ubuntu (there are multiple reports of this flaw). Try reinstalling it through synaptics.

    For 3, again, the package in synaptic never worked for me. Try installing it as in the guide (from source). This will also solve your 4th question, because you'll have a 'sql' directory where you unpack the source tarball.

    For 5, When you unpacked the tarball, you'll have to input the password for the SQL connection (so that torrentflux can connect to the SQL server). You do that in a config file, and on the line that starts with "$cfg[“db_pass”]". Once again, install from source and you'll see what I mean.

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