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Case Mod - In Progress Project: "G5 Retaliation" March 19th. Alive and kicking! Happy days!

Discussion in 'Project Logs' started by Angel OD, 18 Sep 2007.

  1. Angel OD

    Angel OD Pump Killer

    16 Sep 2007
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    Ty all for the comments! :)

    mnpctech <- Must have been a fast stroll, since you went through it in a morning! :lol:

    So, on with the show.

    I've really been dreading the day I had to put the whole thing together TBH...
    I blew the last mobo in 10 seconds after installing, so this time I did a little more thinking before i did the assembly.

    But; Who dares win! :)

    Soo, the tower done: How do you like my ghettofilter? :lol:


    Didn't feel like throwing more money after shipping, than on a filter, so I just made one for now. When I get to ordering new temp- sensors, I'll get a real one.

    Some moving around stuff... Kinda sucks, since my DVI cable is 7,5meters, and I'm like 30cm down... But Pythagoras came to the rescue, so taking it out of the cable-tray on the other side of the room should do the trick.


    The sleeved PSU, in case I forgot to show you:


    The board before:


    Fastforward to after:


    First GFX put in:


    PSU and 2nd. GFX in:


    As it looks right now:


    There's a lot of cleaning up to do... But just putting the thing together in the case took me 4 hours, with 1 hour of getting the watercooling to run as it should.
    I DID get to taste both the purple AND the black liquid though... Can't remember which was best... :lol:

    Crappy parts from the assembly:

    1. The fancontroller mounted at the bottom of "The Catalyst" apparently dont work, so I'm gonna wire the fans up straight from the 12v line. They are kinda quiet, so it's fine. :)

    2. Getting the wires through the aluminum panel from the PSU was... Well... Hell is too nice a word, but we've all been there! :)

    3. I didn't put in a HDD in the rack before mounting it, and it's mounted a bit too far to the back... Hence I have to put the disc in reverse... I'll live with that for now.

    4. I almost forgot... Who in the world would make a PSU where a piece of clear plastic steals 30% of the flow!?!? Cough*corsair*Cough*


    Would you look at that!? I don't get it, but I didn't remove it either... YET! I gotta pull the PSU apart to get the wires through the back of the case, but seriously... They need to fire someone! :)

    5. The purple water is no way near the color of the "purple" sleeving... And the black water is not close to being "black enough"...

    Besides that, I got half a day of cleaning up to do, hope to get a couple of pics for you when I get further into this beautiful saturday! :)
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  2. AnG3L

    AnG3L Ultimate Modder

    19 Mar 2009
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    The best way to get the proper color is to use some distilled water along with some dyes and experiment. Mayhem Dyes are the best ones IMO.
    And also ghetto filter cheesecake lolz!!!
    Keep up the nice work buddy!!! :)
  3. Mino

    Mino Ganzerli Mino

    5 Sep 2006
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    Hell, it's amazing!!!
    Now we want the finished pics :)
  4. Benzaa

    Benzaa apologizes for his English!

    31 May 2010
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    Hey Angel!

    Your project is soon going on for 4 years now! First i have to say you're really doing a great job on your waterblocks! Yesterday i scrolled through the whole Log :D but the last years the only thing you showed, were your waterblocks. I really would like to see the back auf the G5, because you said you would like to keep it stock and that's what i really like :) But you haven't shown any pictures of the back yet.
    Have you done any other modding on the case?


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