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Project Licorice (updated 5/11 with sanded window panel pic)

Discussion in 'Project Logs' started by bust0aster, 7 Apr 2003.

  1. bust0aster

    bust0aster New Member

    11 Jul 2002
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    I thought that I had mentioned it before. call it bad judgement (it was) but i was tired, didn't feel like getting out the dremel, and had this pair of scissors and they claimed to be able to cut pretty much anything . . . . . :worried: :D Ya know I dont think an axe would have done as much damage :).

    I think my biggest mistake was cutting with the dremel from the inside instead of the outside. Why I did this I have no idea but you can sure as hell bet I'll never do that again. But like I said. This is just a $20 case I bought to chop the hell out of so I could figure out how to do the stuff that everyone else seems to have no problem with. Someday I'll be able to make a clean cut :waah:

    [edit: didn't realize this thread was getting so popular. Its like the project everyone loves to hate :).]
  2. SteveyG

    SteveyG Electromodder

    23 Nov 2002
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    The best way really is to get a jigsaw and a decent blade and clamp the case down, along with a piece of straight wood (clamp this down also), and run the edge of the jigsaw along the wood. It'll guarantee you a straight cut and its very quick with a decent jigsaw.
    It's difficult sometimes when you don't have the tools. Maybe someone you know has a jigsaw you can borrow for a weekend?

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