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Project Log Rules - Read Before Posting (2017 update)

Discussion in 'Project Logs' started by davido_labido, 16 Aug 2017.

  1. davido_labido

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    11 Oct 2013
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    As the forums have been updated, it only makes sense that the rules are updated too!

    The Project Logs area is an excellent resource for us all and one of the best ways to show off a build, you can post all your updates as you build and you have a perfect timeline of events.

    We do need to put a few small rules in place to keep everything tidy though.

    1) The biggest rule change we are going to make is that first posts DO NOT have to show work in progress, but it does still have to be relevant to the project. This means you CAN post you detailed renders or hardware porn shots along with your ideas as a first post. We still want to keep the high-quality build logs that we are used to, but we also recognise that modding has moved forward a lot in the last 11 years and builds are not usually started with physical modding. Please use common sense here, don't just start a build log with a single picture and a bit of text saying "coming soon", make your first post something that will make readers want a second post. If this gets abused, it will be revised, so don't be silly with it. If you have any concerns, message a mod or report the post and we will check it out.

    2) Use the correct thread prefix. We now have rather nice thread prefixes that help us! Use the correct ones! Find out more on these Here. This is so that we know when a build is in progress or finished. When a build is set to being finished, it tells us that it is now ready to be potentially added to our Mod of the Month competiton.

    3) Do not just make a post to link a build log off site. We want to see a whole build log and we don't want to have to click elsewhere for it.

    4) If your build is finished and you have no pictures of the progress, post in Modding. If you only have final build pictures but no content leading up to it, it isn't a project log, put it in the correct forum.

    5) Pictures are a requirement. No one wants to see a build log without pictures! Please make the pictures high quality, but also keep them under 1280 x 1024 pixels. Our auto resizer now works well, but there is no need to go crazy with image sizes.

    6) Keep project logs on topic. Swaying off topic a little bit is fine, but please don't post multiple threads and pictures of things that have no relation to the mod at hand. We understand that you might have some excellent pictures of your pets or the holiday you have just returned from, but post them else where.

    7) Check your image hosts often. Please make sure you host your images somewhere that will not delete your pictures after a few weeks. Images with pictures that have been removed by the image host will be locked until they are fixed.

    8) Keep your posts below 40 images. This is done to prevent massive pages that take ages to load.

    9) Keep comments constructive. Spam or abuse will not be tolerated.

    10) If you're the thread starter, do please check back often to respond to comments. It's annoying when someone posts a thread and doesn't respond!

    11) If you see something that you think isn't appropriate for the forum or is breaking the rules in some way, please contact a moderator.

    12) Sponsored project logs are allowed.

    13) Enjoy the modding!

    If you have any questions about these slightly updated rules or think a rule is missing, post below and if it is something we can action, we will!
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