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Motherboards Project Music studio in need of Motherboard

Discussion in 'Hardware' started by brian95240, 30 Jun 2011.

  1. brian95240

    brian95240 What's a Dremel?

    30 Jun 2011
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    I am starting fresh with a Tiger Direct computer (bought around 2004). I am looking to integrate my music studio (a lot of cpu useage) software as well as my 7 foot server rack full of studio hardware (all XP compatible) with my computer. No gaming will be done; just studio work and web surfing.

    My initial concern is the ability to use my 4 Kingston DDR2 (2 Gb) of RAM, so I decided on an AM2+ board that can take 8 Gb of DDR2 RAM and at least 4 PCI slots. I have a Delta 1010LT PCI instrument interface card that runs 32 bits X 96 kHz in and outputs. The reason for the PCI requirement (needing 4 slots) is due to constant need of expansion.For now, my budget is limited to $170 and below.

    Any suggestions are welcome. Thank you.

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